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Chime Management is set up to support organisations in the children and youth sector to deliver more effectively, be more efficient and, above all, to be more ambitious. Ambitious for the children and young people they work with and ambitious for the quality and scope of their own organisation.


Our experience tells us that many excellent community projects struggle to attract investment, whether that be from commissioners, grant funding or social investment companies. Our experience also tells us that commissioners and social investors often struggle to find projects that look capable of managing growth and scaling up. 


We work with organisations and commissioners to improve the capacity to deliver in the youth sector. We can help organisations to attract funding, get ready for investment, re-vision and focus on their priorities, and to become more efficient and effective. We can work with commissioners to help shape the market and find innovative solutions to issues that may not have an obvious solution. 


We are also happy to support organisations that are struggling to turn the organisation around, to become effective and important in their communities, or to work on behalf of commissioners with organisations to do the same thing.

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Chime Management actively seeks commissioning and investment opportunities to increase our influence in the sector. We are particularly interested to work with commissioners and investors to co-design innovative solutions for issues that no other body is tackling efficiently.  In particular we are looking to take on projects that:

  • Address housing issues for young people, particularly care leavers and those with disrupted living conditions

  • Increase the democratic involvement of young people in Town, Parish, District and County Councils

  • Tackle issues that no other body is set up to tackle effectively, working with commissioners to co-design solutions to complex or new issues for children and young people

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The Directors of Chime Management have a wide breadth of successful experience and would be keen to provide consultancy for Councils, companies, charities, schools, commissioners and investors in the following areas:

  • Work with Town and Parish councils to commission youth services and assure their quality 

  • Work with charities and companies to:

    • develop business plans

    • make them ready for investment

    • apply for grant funding

    • make their organisation more fit for purpose and ready for growth

  • Work with social investors (individuals and companies) to develop the market in investment-ready youth organisations

  • Work with any organisation to develop their vision and scope in their sector

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We are developing our training offer, and are keen to hear from organisations and commissioners that have bespoke training needs.

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